Battery Reminder

As a laptop user you must take caution about your battery because the battery is also the most important component If you are using an old laptop then you might be a wonder to protect your battery from getting overcharged! This Battery Reminder feature helps you to get varoius notifications (like desktop, SMS, notifications and even voice reminders), when your laptop get 100% charged and your charger is still plugged in.

Steps to use the script

  • Download the zip file and extract the script.
  • Install the dependencies using the requirements.txt file
  • Create a free trial Twilio Account if you want to get sms notifications.
  • Add your Twilio account credentials in the script(wherever mentioned).
  • You can run the script(batteryReminder.pyw) in the background whenever you plug in your charger
  • Or you can simply paste the it in startup folder so that everytime you open your laptop, this script starts running automatically

Download the zip file