Website Blocker

(Chrome Extension)

Developers often spend a lot of time on the internet, whether its looking for the next piece of code to copy and paste from StackOverflow or watching a youtube tutorial. We can improve the productivity of developers by developing a chrome extension to keep track of his/her website visits and also potentially block time-wasting or distracting websites.

Steps to use the extension

  • Download the zip file and extract the extension.
  • Go to the extensions page in Google Chrome under more options.
  • Select Developer Mode and click on Load Unpacked.
  • Navigate to the extracted extension folder and select it.
  • Right click on the extension and select options to access the main options page.
  • To block a webisite, type into the input and click on Add.
  • To unblock select the Delete option in the list of blocked websites.

Download the zip file